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Practical Reflash Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to be tuning a 2015 Subaru WRX using the Cobb Accessport system.
00:07 Now this particular vehicle has been lightly modified, it's fitted with a number of Cobb's upgrades and as such we're going to be starting using one of their off the shelf maps.
00:17 In particular it's got a modified intake system, it's got a modified larger freer flowing exhaust system and it's also got a Cobb front mount intercooler system.
00:27 Now everything we're going to talk about though will cross over to any other WRX that's been modified with non Cobb parts.
00:34 As such the tuning process is going to be fairly similar and we're going to go through each of the steps that will be required.
00:41 Now this particular car is also running on the U.S. 98 octane pump gas.
00:47 Of course we may need to make some tuning changes, particularly to boost or to the ignition timing if you're running on a lower octane fuel.
00:55 The 2015 WRX is fitted with Subaru's FA20 DIT engine which is a newer iteration of their horizontally opposed boxer four cylinder engine.
01:05 It runs direct injection only with no port injection and it runs quad variable cam control.
01:12 As such, despite the differences between the FA20 and the older EJ series engines, there are a lot of changeovers in the way the ECU operates so even if you are tuning an EJ series engine on the Cobb Accessport, a lot of what we are going to discuss during this worked example will still cross over quite nicely to the EJ series.