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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM

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Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM


00:00 - Typically the first step of the six step process is to download the stock ROM file out of the factory ECU and save this in a safe place, giving us a backup that we can always revert to if we're not happy with the progress of our tuning, or we've made a change that we don't like and we want to revert and start from scratch again.
00:19 Now this isn't the way the Cobb Accessport system works however and instead of downloading the ROM file straight out of the ECU, all we're going to be doing is starting by downloading a relevant ROM file to suit our particular vehicle from the Cobb website.
00:34 Now this is an advantage if you are working with Cobb parts for your particular vehicle because if you are following their upgrade path for your vehicle, you can then download a relevant map that's already set up as an off the shelf map to suit your particular stages of upgrade.
00:51 Now while this isn't a technique that I'm often comfortable doing, given the professional nature of the Cobb tuning platform and the thoroughness of the technicians that are validating their maps and their tuning for their upgrade stages, this has actually proven to be an excellent way of starting your tuning, the other advantage with working from one of their off the shelf maps is it's going to save you a lot of time because a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of modifications to various tables that you'd need to go through if you're working from stock, have already been done for you.
01:23 So that's what we're going to do here, we're going to start by downloading the relevant off the shelf map of the stage of modification on this vehicle.
01:30 If you aren't working with Cobb parts fitted to your vehicle, that's not a problem either.
01:34 We're still going to be starting though by downloading a relevant off the shelf map that closely resembles the kind of modifications you've made to your vehicle.
01:43 Once we've got that map downloaded we can then make more specific changes to the map to suit your level of modifications on your particular vehicle.
01:53 So let's start by heading across to the Cobb website.
01:58 I'm already logged in here and I've gone through to the maps section on the website.
02:04 Now here we can select from the particular vehicle we're working with.
02:07 Of course in this instance we are working with a Subaru so we're going to select Subaru from the dropdown menu and then WRX.
02:15 This gives us a full list of all of the options and we're going to scroll down until we get to our 2015 Subaru WRX manual transmission and this is a U.S. domestic market model.
02:29 So we can click on this option.
02:31 Now this will bring up all of the available maps for this particular vehicle, everything from stock to heavily modified.
02:37 And we can scroll down here, the particular map that we are looking for is the Stage 2+ and we can see that particular map here.
02:48 What we're going to do now is click on that and it will take us through to some further selections that we can make.
02:54 So in particular here we're going to start by selecting our fuel type.
02:58 If we click on the dropdown menu we can select between 93 octane or 98 RON, research octane, or 91.
03:06 This is running on 98 and we can also select the wastegate type.
03:11 In this case the vehicle is still fitted with a stock wastegate so we'll select that.
03:15 We can now select download, that will download that calibration or map, ready to upload into the vehicle.
03:24 Now we can also click here and read some notes on that particular calibration.
03:30 In the map notes we're going to be able to see all of the information relevant to this particular map and what it suits as well as what modifications are required.
03:37 Particularly we start with the vehicle that this supports.
03:41 If we move down though we'll also be able to see that hardware that this map is suited for.
03:47 In particular, we've got the hardware changes here which include the intake system as well as the exhaust system.
03:54 There are a couple of other changes that have been made for our particular vehicle.
03:57 And specifically there is a front mounted intercooler as we've already discussed and the boost control system has been modified slightly.
04:04 This map suits a boost control system where the restrictor pill has been removed from one of the boost lines.
04:11 This has gone a little bit further with this particular car though and the factory boost control solenoid has been swapped out for a Cobb three port boost control solenoid.
04:19 We're going to see how we can go about setting that up as we go through our worked example.
04:24 Moving down we've got our fuel requirements which we've already seen from that drop down menu and we've got some, it's sort of suggested power gains that we're likely to see with this particular calibration.
04:34 So at this point we've downloaded our Stage 2+ calibration from the Cobb website and we're ready to upload that into our factory engine control module.