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Practical Reflash Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to be looking at re-flashing a Toyota 86 fitted with a Sprintex supercharger kit.
00:09 Now, to preform the re-flashing we're going to be using the ECUtek tuning suite.
00:14 And this is going to give us the opportunity to investigate what changes we need to address when adding forced induction to an otherwise naturally aspirated engine.
00:25 Now, the process we're going to go through we'll be looking at what changes we need to make to our base ROM file to incorporate that forced induction.
00:34 As well as obviously optimising our tune to suit.
00:38 Now, the process we're going to go through is going to be applicable to the Toyota 86, the Scion FRS, as well as the Subaru BRZ platforms as they all share a common engine and ECU platform.
00:53 Alright, now we know what we're going to be doing, let's get started with our six-step process.

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