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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM

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Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM


00:00 - Our very first task is to download the stock ROM file out of the ECU.
00:06 Now, with the EcuTek tuning package we don't actually necessarily need to download the ROM file.
00:12 What we can do is connect to the ECU, and the ProECU software will tell us the ROM file that is running in the factory ECU.
00:22 Along with our ProECU software, we also have a full list of factory ROM files so we simply need to find out which of those ROM files is in our ECU, and this way we can always revert to stock if we need to.
00:38 If however, we're dealing with a car that has previously been tuned, we can download that ROM file out of the ECU and save that, so we can revert back to that later.
00:49 I have my ProECU software running, the hardware key is fitted to my laptop and the OBD-II to USB adapter is fitted to the laptop, and also connected to the diagnostic port on the car.
01:03 I've also got the ignition to the on position.
01:06 So if we go to tools, first of all, we can click on identify ECU.
01:12 What this is going to do is come up with a box here, which is our ECU identify tool.
01:18 The key point here is we have our CAL ID.
01:22 So this tells us the ID of the ROM file that is in the ECU currently.
01:29 At the same time, you can see that we have a list of matching ROM files shown down below.
01:35 So this lists any ROM files that are compatible with this particular ECU, and we can simply click on the one we want to use and click on open ROM and this will open that ROM file for editing.
01:50 When we're choosing the ROM file we want to use, we always want to use the most up-to-date ROM file from the factory options.
01:59 Obviously the factory are always working to improve their ECU functionality and also, perhaps, perform bug fixes so we always want to be working with the most up-to-date ROM file.
02:11 Now, the other option we can do is we can go to the tools menu again and we can click on detect vehicle.
02:18 Now this is the process we're going to go through when we're actually re-flashing the ECU as well.
02:24 Now, what we can do is click on our programme ECU option and click okay.
02:31 Now, if I click query ECU, we get a similar result here.
02:36 We get our ECU version, which is the same as the ID that we just looked at, and then below, we have a list of compatible ROM files.
02:46 So again here, we'd want to be using the most up-to-date, or latest, ROM file, which is shown here.
02:54 Okay, so once we know what files we can work with, we know what we can open.
02:59 Now, if you're dealing with a car that's already been tuned, we also have the option of clicking the read ROM button down here, and this will read the ROM out of the ECU.
03:11 This takes around, about two minutes and after that's completed, the read will be stored automatically on your laptop, and that will give you the option to load that particular ROM file and also re-flash it into the ECU if you want to return to that state of tune.