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Practical Reflash Tuning: How to Use This Course

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How to Use This Course


00:00 - This course is presented by individual video modules that focus on the concepts you need to understand in order to build a thorough knowledge of reflashing.
00:10 And how to apply tuning changes to a factory ECU.
00:15 Even if you're already an experienced tuner or you're familiar with reflashing techniques I'd urge you to start by watching this course in its entirety.
00:26 There are a number of important concepts I'll discuss that are often misunderstood.
00:31 As well as tips and tricks designed to let you get better results faster.
00:37 The information presented in this course makes up what I consider to be essential knowledge for anyone wanting to get great power, good economy and reliability from reflashing a factory ECU.
00:52 Once you've watched the course from start to finish it's very easy for you to find and rewatch any modules that you need to understand better.
01:01 This is particularly handy when you want to focus on a specific concept or lesson whilst tuning.
01:09 This course is delivered in two parts.
01:12 We start with the general aspects of reflashing and how an OE ECU functions.
01:19 These are broad, high-level concepts that are applicable to a wide range of OE ECUs.
01:26 From here we'll move into a section of worked examples showing these concepts and techniques being put to use in the real world where you'll be able to watch the tuning process being applied from start to finish.
01:41 Since the specifics of reflashing do tend to vary a little from one ECU to another we plan on adding to this library of worked examples frequently.
01:51 And as more examples are added you'll have access to these at no additional cost.
01:58 Now that you've purchased this course it's yours for life and you can watch it as many times as you want.
02:04 While we have tried to cover every concept we felt was important you may still have other questions that come up or concepts you want explained a little more thoroughly.
02:16 This course also gives you gold membership which gives you a subscription to our online community and here you'll find our forum.
02:25 This is the perfect place to ask any technical questions you may have.
02:30 If you have questions or comments on this course you'll find a form below each video module that lets you quickly create a discussion in our forum.
02:40 Asking your questions here means all the other members can benefit from the discussion, too.

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