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Practical Reflash Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - Hi, I'm Andre from the High Performance Academy, and I would like to welcome you to our Reflashing Fundamentals course.
00:07 Traditionally it's been common practise when we wanted to alter or optimise the tune of an engine to replace the factory ECU with an after-market programmable unit.
00:19 This allow the tuner complete control over the engine tuning parameters, and changes can be made in real time.
00:27 As cars and engines have become more complex though, it's becoming more and more difficult to fit a standalone ECU.
00:36 This is because all of the car's electronic systems interact and communicate with each other.
00:42 Removing the engine control computer might mean that your gear box doesn't shift, or even the air conditioning may not function.
00:51 For this reason, it's become more common when wanting to make tuning changes to late model vehicles to alter the maps in the factory ECU using the technique of reflashing.
01:04 Reflashing involves downloading the stock tune data from the ECU, modifying it using a software package, and then uploading it, or reflashing it, back into the ECU.
01:17 Essentially this is the same way the engine was tuned by the factory calibration engineers, and it can be an immensely powerful technique.
01:27 This course will cover in detail the technique of reflashing.
01:32 You're going to learn how a factory ECU works, and how to modify the maps and the stock ECU to allow the original tuning to be optimised to suit either a stock or modified engine.
01:46 This course is not, however, intended to teach you how to disassemble a stock ROM file, or locate maps within it.
01:55 This is an advanced technique that is beyond the scope of this course.
02:00 This course assumes that you will be using a commercial or open-source package of software and hardware, and that you're dealing with a properly developed definition file for your particular ECU that defines where the maps are located in the ROM file.
02:17 This course follows on from the concepts taught in our EFI Tuning Fundamentals, and Understanding AFR courses, and if you haven't taken these courses already, I'd strongly suggest you do so.
02:31 These course form the fundamental knowledge base that's essential to anyone working in the EFI training industry, regardless what engine or tuning platform you're using.

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