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Practical Reflash Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to cover the basic tuning process for the GM Gen V engines.
00:05 These are direct injected engines with torque based ECUs so there are some nuanced items and some big changes compared to GM Gen 3 and Gen 4.
00:17 On the other hand, many things will seem familiar.
00:20 Some of the engines included in this engine family are the LT1, LT2, LT4 and LT5 high performance engines.
00:31 Also included are several modernised truck engines such as L83, L86, L87 and L8T and more.
00:42 The vehicle we're using for our worked example today is a Cadillac 2019 CTS-V.
00:48 This car comes fitted with the LT4 supercharged engine.
00:53 While your application may differ from ours, keep in mind most of the factors we're going to touch on today are generic across all GM Gen V vehicles.
01:02 Also, I'm going to be touching on some items that go beyond the scope of this particular car.
01:08 While this car is an automatic, I'm going to touch on some manual transmission specific items for example.
01:14 Because the factory engineers have done a great job of calibrating these systems, don't expect to make huge gains you might have been able to make on engines of the past.
01:23 And also keep in mind there's probably going to be fewer tables you need to adjust than in the past.
01:29 This is despite the vast variety of tables that exist now so there might be more tables now but you might actually need to tune fewer of them and we're going to tell you which ones to focus on, which ones you don't need to worry about and which ones are present but not actually active and how to identify that and work your way around them.
01:53 We'll be using the HP Tuners reflash based software and reviewing tables, monitors, data logging, templating for data logging setup and review and more, to give you a complete picture of the tuning process with that package.

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