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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM

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Step 1: Downloading Stock ROM


00:00 - Our first step, as always, is to download the stock ROM out of the PC so we can save this.
00:06 We've always got the stock ROM file that we can revert to at any stage.
00:10 We can also use the stock ROM file as a compare file, which is really useful when we want to swap backwards and forwards between the factory tables in some instances, and any tables we've gone ahead and modified.
00:24 So, at the moment, I've got my VCM Editor open, I've got the ignition to the vehicle keyed on, and we've got our HP tuners interface connected to the both the laptop and the OBD-II port.
00:36 So, what we have to do here is click on the Read Vehicle button and that's going to simply go through the read process, and it's going to read out of both the engine control module as well as the transmission control module in this vehicle.
00:51 It's fitted with a 6-speed automatic transmission.
00:54 So, we're going to get a file that contains information for both of those controllers.
01:00 All right, we'll go through that process.
01:01 Now, it takes a little over two minutes, so you do have to be a little bit patient here.
01:07 Once the read's complete, we can save the file with a meaningful name.
01:11 First of all though, we're going to switch the ignition off on the vehicle.
01:15 So, the way we choose to name our file is really up to you.
01:19 Personally, I like to use the registration number of the vehicle, followed by a short description of the vehicle, so I know exactly what the file relates to.
01:30 This is more important when we may have several hundred files perhaps, and it makes it easier to find the exact file that you're looking for.
01:37 So, I'm going to name the file HEF892, and I'll follow that with VF Clubsport, so I just know what type of vehicle I was tuning.
01:47 Then, I'm going to add an identifier, and normally I would call it something like base or stock just so we know exactly what we're dealing with and we can always revert to that file at a later point.
02:02 Now once we've got this file saved, we also want to go through the process of re-saving it with a separate file name, and this means that there's much less chance of us accidentally over writing our base or stock ROM file, and as I've mentioned it's really important to keep a copy of that stock ROM, so we can always revert to that if we need to or use it as a compare function.
02:25 So what I'm going to do is simply straight away go back to my File menu, go to the Save As function and now I'm simply going to change the identifier to New.
02:37 So now we have two files.
02:39 We've got our base file, which we're not going to be working with now.
02:42 We've got our new ROM file, which is the one that we can make changes to and modify.
02:48 Now we've got that out of the way, we can move onto our next step.

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