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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 2: What Modifications Have Been Performed?

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Step 2: What Modifications Have Been Performed?


00:00 - Now that we've got our base ROM file downloaded, we know that we can physically communicate with the vehicle.
00:05 We know that we can modify the ROM file, and actually make tuning changes.
00:11 We now need to consider what modifications have been made to the vehicle.
00:15 Now in this case, we've got essentially, a completely standard vehicle.
00:19 Albeit, we have got an XAIR Over the Radiator Cold Air Intake fitted.
00:25 Now, this will affect the air flow into the engine.
00:28 We're still running the stock injectors, so we don't need to worry about those, and everything else, as far as the engine, the camshaft, the cylinder heads, and the entire exhaust system goes, is completely stock standard.
00:42 So the modification we are going to need to take into account is our new intake system.