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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 2: What Modifications Have Been Performed?

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Step 2: What Modifications Have Been Performed?


00:00 - The next step in our tuning process is to investigate what modifications have been made to the car.
00:06 This is a really important step because overlooking any modifications at this point can have a really big impact on the way our tune proceeds.
00:16 We're also going to want to know what modifications, if any, have been performed so that we can make sure we create clear accounting for these modifications in our tune.
00:27 And this is going to save us time and ensure that we aren't overlooking anything critical.
00:32 The two key elements that I'm interested in here in particular are the fuel injectors and the MAF sensor.
00:39 And in this case, our job's incredibly easy because this car is 100% stock.
00:44 So there's no modifications that have been made to the car at all.
00:48 This means we're running the factory injectors, it also means we're running the factory MAF sensor, the factory airbox, and even the factory air filter element.
00:58 What this means is that we should be able to rely on the MAF scaling being accurate, and hence the load calculation that the ECU makes should also be accurate.
01:08 This is going to be helpful when it comes to dialling in our air-fuel ratio in open loop.
01:15 Now, for this particular worked example we're going to be looking at optimising the tune of a stock, standard car, and further worked examples on the same car.
01:24 We will be fitting a new intake system and we're going to be looking at rescaling both the MAF as well as the speed-density system and the ECU.
01:33 Lastly we will also be applying a one-bar speed-density patch to the ECU and tuning the car without the MAF sensor.
01:43 For now though, we can carry on and begin setting up our ROM.

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