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Practical Reflash Tuning: Step 4: MAF/Injector Scaling

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Step 4: MAF/Injector Scaling


00:00 - The first step in tuning is to calibrate the MAF and injectors as required.
00:05 This ensures that the ECU accurately knows what the mass air flow is, and can control the injectors to achieve a target air-fuel ratio.
00:15 If we jumped straight into trying to adjust the fuel and ignition, and overlooked this step, you can end up wasting a lot of time, and ultimately the result of your tuning work is going to be poor.
00:27 I've covered the steps required for both MAF scaling and injector scaling in their own sections earlier in the course, and I'd urge you to revisit those sections if this work's required.
00:39 Remember that in some instances we may need to revert to either a stock MAF or stock injectors while we scale the other aspect first.
00:49 Even when your MAF sensor is stock, it can be advisable to take some notice of the fuel trims, and ensure that they aren't excessive.
00:58 It can be surprising how a seemingly minor change to the intake system that might not seem significant can still impact on the accuracy of the MAF calibration.
01:10 The better your MAF calibration is, the easier the rest of your tuning task is going to be.

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