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Practical TIG Welding: Step 1: Part Preparation

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Step 1: Part Preparation


00:00 - When we get started TIG welding it can be hard to know what to do first or in what order to proceed in order to achieve the best results.
00:08 With this in mind, we've broken the entire job down into a simple 6 step process that'll ensure you get the best results every time with the minimum effort.
00:17 This will also make sure that you don't overlooked any critical steps that can waste time or even result in something needing to be completely redone from scratch.
00:26 We'll cover this simple process in the following set of modules and the first step is to prepare our material for the welding process.
00:34 As we've stressed several times through this course already, parts preparation is really the key element to a strong and high quality TIG weld irrespective of the material that you're welding.
00:46 Spending the time here at the start of your welding job will pay dividends as you move through the other steps and this isn't the place to try and save time by cutting corners.
00:56 In short, what we need to do here is ensure that our base material is clean from any oils and contaminants and this goes for the back side of our weld area and the inside of any tubing we're welding to.
01:08 Remember that the way we cut our material also can introduce contaminants to the weld area so this needs to be considered when you're choosing an appropriate technique and lubricant if required.
01:20 Beyond material cleanliness, we also need to remember that unlike MIG welding, we don't have the ability to easily bridge gaps when TIG welding and poor fit up between our parts will result in more heat being input into the base material.
01:33 This becomes especially critical if you're working with chromoly due to its sensitivity to heat.
01:39 Once your parts are properly preparated and you're happy with the fit up, a final clean down with acetone will have you ready to move on with the next step of the process.
01:48 If you need a refresher on parts preparation, please refer back to the practical skills section of the course.

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