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Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport: "Mil-spec"

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00:00 - Mil-spec has become a commonly used term when talking about automotive wiring.
00:06 And is thrown about with what seems like little understanding of its meaning.
00:10 Mil-spec is a shorthand way of saying something, not just wiring, has been built to a military specification standard.
00:17 As lives literally depend on things being well engineered and reliable when used in a military setting, military specifications are very precise and demand exacting standards.
00:29 Many of the aims of the military specifications line up with our goals in the motorsport world.
00:34 As we also want the parts we're dealing with to be well engineered and reliable.
00:39 For this reason, particularly in the automotive wiring world, many of the standards we use have been developed from military specifications.
00:46 The term Mil-Spec does not apply to these standards though.
00:50 And for that reason the only place you'll hear the term mentioned in this course is in this section.
00:55 An example of this can be seen with the circular connectors commonly used at a professional motorsport level.
01:01 Primarily produced by Deutsch and Souriau.
01:04 The specifications of these connectors are certainly derived from a military specification but they have been modified to better suit our motorsport goals.