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Suspension Tuning & Optimization: How to Use This Course

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How to Use This Course


00:00 - This High Performance Academy Motorsport Suspension Fundamentals course is comprised of individual video modules, covering all the fundamental knowledge you need in order to properly understand and optimise your vehicle's suspension system.
00:13 As you make your way through this course, at times it might feel like you already have a good understanding of some of the topics covered.
00:20 We always recommend that you don't skip any modules, because there's so many subtle concepts and theories in here and any one of them might provide useful context for the more advanced lessons further into the course.
00:32 Once you've watched the entire course, it's simple to jump back and rewatch any individual module you like in order to understand it better.
00:39 Watching the more technical modules multiple times is a great way of solidifying some of the more advanced topics in your brain.
00:47 Now that you've purchased the course, it's yours for life and you can watch it as many times as you like.
00:52 Over time, we'll expand the syllabus with additional practical examples which you'll get access to immediately at no extra cost.
01:00 We've been pretty thorough in trying to cover every aspect we feel is important at the fundamental level but there's a good chance that you'll have further questions and topics to discuss.
01:10 This is where the High Peformance Academy member's only forum comes in.
01:13 It's the perfect place to ask those questions and participate in discussions.
01:18 Below each module is a form that you can use to quickly create a forum post relating to that particular module.
01:25 Asking your questions here means that all High Peformance Academy members can participate and benefit from the discussion as well.
01:33 Lastly it's important to understand that the process of optimising your vehicle's suspension system rarely results in a one size fits all solution.
01:40 Different locations, changing conditions, setup changes and other variables, all require consideration.
01:48 And you need to be prepared to make changes to suit right then and there using what you've learned through this course.
01:55 Trust me, once you've spent some time putting these lessons into practice in the real world, you're going to kick yourself for not spending more time and effort optimising your suspension years earlier.

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