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Understanding AFR: Conclusion

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00:00 Historically, getting solid advice on how and where to set the air fuel ratio has always been an impossible task that has done nothing to eliminate the confusion that those new to EFI tuning have felt.
00:13 You’ve now made it to the end of our AFR course and you now should have a solid starting point for tuning just about any engine.
00:22 These starting points have come from my 15 years of experience finding out what works, and what doesn’t.
00:29 You can now benefit from this experience to fast track your own tuning knowledge.
00:34 More important though, I hope that you now have an understanding that there is no fixed lambda target that you can apply across every engine and every situation.
00:45 I trust that this course has given you a thorough understanding of how AFR effects the engine, and that now you will understand enough to be able to make your own informed decisions on how to approach adjusting the AFR to see how your engine responds best.