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Understanding AFR: Filling In The Gaps

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Filling In The Gaps


00:00 By now we have developed a pretty complete map of the target AFR we want to use in the specific zones we split the AFR target map into.
00:09 This will leave some areas that we haven’t entered numbers for between the different zones.
00:14 The way to address these is to apply a smooth interpolation to the target AFR.
00:20 For example if we have a target AFR at 100 kPa of 0.95 and a target at 200 kPa of 0.82, we would smoothly taper the AFR from 0.95 down to 0.82 as the boost pressure increases.
00:36 Likewise we can apply the same technique through the different areas of the map so we have a complete and smooth target AFR MAP.