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Boost ceiling

Boost Control

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How do I begin testing boost? As said by you to set the wgdc to 0. Does the pid factors also have to be set to 0?

Ecu has many maps for p/I and d.

boost control(referred below as BC)

BC D-factor

BC I-factor

BC I-factor(ceiling)

BC I-factor(floor)

BC P-share (hpa)

BC P-share dynamic(hpa)


attached video of all tuneable boost factors

Boost ceiling is set to 2400, what units is that in?


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The answer is that it depends what you're trying to achieve. I'll assume you're flashing a factory ECU and often the control strategy is much more complex than an aftermarket ECU. With a factory ECU we may not need to start from the minimum possible boost level either and instead we just want to manipulate the boost level up from the stock setting. One quick sanity check to find your minimum boost pressure is to disconnect the boost control solenoid electronically.

Hi, I did runs with p settings and wgdc feeder to 0 , left the i and d factor to where they were, the turbo made 5psi.

Now will set d and I to 0 aswell.

I want to see test open loop first. Should I set everything to zero? There is wgdc (spool) should that be zero aswell? And there are two whdc maps one is spool and the other is waste gate position feed-forward (bank -1)

Also, a map called BC-turbine thrust setpoint(kw). Should I set them to 0 aswell?

The p/I/d maps values are in exhaust flow.

For example BC P-share(hpa) y axis:hpa ,x axis: kg/h .

i would be thankful if you told me what kg/h is. I guess it’s exhaust flow?

Many thanks

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