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Is boost control needed when using turbosmart electronic wastegate?

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As Im rebuilding my engine with a new ECU I was thinking about changing my dinosaur tial wastegate. not sure how this thing is working and if it need solenoid or not. In general if someone can help me with a plumbing diagram and how to control it with haltech 1500 it would be great.

Yes, Boost control is definitely required with the EWG, it doesn't need a pneumatic boost solenoid to control it, the electric component replaces the pneumatic system.

I didn't think that a Haltech Elite could control these however, only the Nexus could.

Turbosmart has diagrams and set-up information in the manuals for the EWG, these can be downloaded from the Turbosmart website.

What is the usage of the vehicle?

The car is for the track and fast road trips. basically using the car 10 times a year.

Its a Sierra cosworth, GT3582R, with 596 HP at the wheels.

I would stick with a pneumatic solution in that case.

any particular reason?

I want to have 3 maps, 1 for transporting the car from point A to B, and 2 for "fight mode" when 1 is for pump fuel and 1 for race fuel.

At the moment I have 2 maps (pump and race fuel).

i want to be able to control a larger boos level and not to be limited to the range of the pneumatic. Another issue that I want to address is the why boost is build. at the moment there is all or nothing. I want to smooth the way boost kick in.

Experience that I have had with the current EWG's from Turbosmart is that they work well on Drag type applications, but are not as good as a pneumatic in situations where there is a lot of variation in the requested position of the actuator as they are not as quick to react to these changes. There are a number of rally (tarmac and gravel) that I am aware of that have tried these EWG's and reverted back to a pneumatic WG due to the behaviour of the gates under use on the stages. These issues have been reported using a couple of different ECU's as well, so I do not believe that it is related to the ECU control strategies.

The new straight gate that they have just released may resolve these issues.

Sorry for digging up an old thread!

Stephen, is this still your opinion?

I definitely know this was the case back when this post was made, but I've seen a few rally cars with them now.

Building another rally car, Evo x powered Ford Fiesta. The idea of the E-gate for gravel rallying is great.

Response time remains the concern I see voiced, but I've not used the Turbosmart E-gate myself so I unfortunately cannot offer firsthand experience.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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