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Process of tuning boost

Boost Control

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Hey I am still having some trouble determining how to tune boost with a 3 port boost solenoid. From what I understand I would go about it by setting a low, constant duty cycle for the wastegate, with the fuel table tuned rich and the ignition tuned conservatively. I'd then find out what boost this gives me at wot. If I needed to increase boost, id modify the wastegate duty table. Then once I had a boost pressure that stays relatively constant to my target boost pressure, I'd dial in the fuel table and ignition for these boost pressures. I'd then employ boost control strategies to achieve a more constant boost pressure

Am I close to the mark in my understanding or am I way off?

Hi Shaun,

That's pretty much it, just keep an eye on your AFRs and a listen out for det and you'll not go far wrong

Thanks mate

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