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Hi all,

Over the winter months we have put a larger turbo, gen 2 GTX3582r .82 a/r and came from a gen 1 GTX3071 .63 a/r, and I have thought about finally getting around to setting up the closed loop boost control. This is a drag car with a 2l engine and I am thinking, is this worth setting this up closed loop on this large frame of a turbo with such a small engine? If so would RPM vs TPS be the best option or would TPM vs MAP/MGP be better?

I'm also curious about if TPS is better for the load axis on a large turbo and the throttle lets say is at 50% at 20 psi will my AFR be different if the throttle is a 100% at 20psi. I think I may have figured this out as I'm typing but I'm still going to ask. (My thought was why would you tune a car to have the same pressure at the 50% and 100% if the load axis is TPS) - is that though correct?

I have never tuned something on this small of an engine with this large of a turbo charger and just trying to get some insight on this so I have an idea of what to expect.

Thank you all

Hello please tell us more about the project ecu type, boost contrl type co2 gas or air etc

Regards Ross

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