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Trouble hitting boost targets

Boost Control

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Im using ecuflash on an 07 forester xt. Im having trouble hitting my boost targets precisely. At 95% throttle i have the target at 19.49 psi and my max wastegate duty is 70% in the same ranges. Iv turned it up slowly and still having trouble. Im new to megalog viewer and tuning but im making a go at it. I have my fuel dialed in a little rich while i try and figure out the boost issues. Im also trying to hit my boost targets with just WG before i start messing any compensation maps as i am not familiar at all. Can anyone help explain these or help me out better understand.

You don't mention what your results are. Perhaps you could share a log file, or at least a screen shot showing the problem.

What happens if you change the boost target? Can you control the boost at any level?

I believe ive been messing up. I played with stuff today. So understand correctly initial wg duty cycle is what gets me my boost targets and max wg duty cycle ensures i dont go over them? Am i correct?. Ill attach my log. I got it to hit my boost target. I gotta adjust a little to make sure its not everywhere.

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