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Boost Control

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Hi All

One of my projects has a Honda K24 engine that I am turbocharging... its a track only car and the idea of the package is to make the engine feel NA and be as responsive on part throttle as NA so that traction can be balanced on the throttle. Basically have the engine make NA power when running zero boost and tickle it at the higher rev range (Im expecting around 10psi max boost).

To that end I have broken from the 'norm' and am going to run a very large turbo (for the power target) to reduce back pressure when running zero boost and I will be using a 45mm Turbosmart Electric wastegate... I can then have zero boost targets on part throttle and any rpm and bleed boost in very gradually (1psi at a time)... Ive done a similar thing on another project using very soft springs in large external wastegates to good success so wanted to take it a little further this time.

To power it I have a Fuel Tech dual power driver and an ECU master black ECU but as its relatively new tech here in the UK I don't know of anyone who has run electronic wastegate control... on paper it should be simple right lol

The ECU master Black does have options for electronic wastgate control and the ECU was already CAN configured to work with the donor cars electronic (abs, power steering, dash all don't work without ecu CAN to say engine is running) so it was a sensible start point, however in truth i can't exactly get my head around the best way to control it in the software. The ecu seems to put the EWG target against Backpressure?

Has anyone any experience or words of wisdom or advice they can share with me about settings in any ecu's to control these new wastegates?

Many Thanks


Hi Andy,

Did you get this working? I am building an Abarth at the moment where we have chosen the Turbosmart 40mm electronic wastegate and the car already has a EMU black and am embarking on the same journey.


Good day.

Does anyone know if this was resolved?

Yeah I'd like to know how this is going Andy. I have a very different application but very similar requirements. Its for a 1000cc bike that revs to 11k. I don't want big boost and HP, I want to gradually add boost in a very controlled way. Certainly don't want it coming in mid corner at max lean. I have a GBC22 turbo but it does look very small and restrictive. Installation is tight to say the least as I don't want things hanging off the side. A reverse rotation turbo is ideal as it puts all the plumbing in exactly the right place however was worried it might be too big but don't think so anymore so going for a G25. Plan to use a 40mm electronic straight gate for accurate control without all the fiddling with springs and solenoids. Should help with boost control as well. On the compressor side I have a 32mm bosch dbw throttle to bleed off excess boost and as anti surge. The engine itself is a 90 degree twin with a pair of 54mm DBW throttles. I have an Ecumaster PMU, ADU, CAN switchboard and GPS to CAN. Last thing in the equation was the ECU. Had in mind a EMU Pro 8 however after going through the software I'm not very convinced on its traction/torque control abilities. Have since stumbled onto Emtron. The Kv12 is pricey but still way less than Motec for the equivalent functionality. It has 4 DBW channels so I think I can use 2 for the DBW throttles, 1 for the anti surge 32mm DBW throttle and the 4th for the EWG. 30 odd imputs, dual lambda etc. Torque control looks pretty amazing. Not sure if its in your budget but sounds like you need a lot of the same functionality as I do. Do you have DBW throttle on that? DBW ties in as an additional torque control option along with fuel, igniton and timing. The KV8 has 2 DBW channels. You could use one for E throttle, the other for EWG and use a BOV

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