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VNT turbo changing to Waste gate turbo....how can i control boost ?

Boost Control

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Hi everyone i have a ford ranger 2018 3.2 Diesle engine with facotry ecu....I'm using hp tuner software to tune ecu....just wanted to see if there is a way to change the vnt turbo to a waste gatedd turbo and control boost at certain rpms ?

Vnt controlz boost by exhaust fins done via ELECTRICAL motor solenoid = ( No boost solenoid to bleed air off waste gate because vnt do not have a waste gate )

Waste turbos not going to explain how they control boost its pritty straight forward.

How are people adding waste gate turbos to oem ecus that dont have a boost solined to bleed off boost and control boost via waste gate? Are people just using waste gate pressure and letting the oem ecu add and remove fuel seen thru the map sensors table ?

I was thinking maybe there might be a way to convert vnt 5 wire electric solined to control a 3 wire boost solenoid to bleed off boost....i would imagine boost table would be very difficult to control because its not scaled in with the correct volts but is it possible?

Bump....I'm starting to think people don't care for controlling boost on oem diesel ecu's they just run waste gate spring pressure?

Most instances people retain a VNT turbo, unless it's a heavily modified application.

I would greatly doubt that there would be many people around that would have the required access and ability to repurpose the H bridge that controls the motor, and also clear out the need for the position feedback.

If you are lucky, someone may be able to assist to code out the VNT system (or you may need to leave the actuator assembly in place not attached to anything so it thinks it is still functional) and use an external boost controller (such a GFB D Force boost controller, or Turbosmart E-Boost)

Thanks N8B for the reply.... yeah i get ya....but i know a lot of diesel shops who use Gated turbos and Ditch the VNT or VGT turbos and still use the factory ECU.... thanks for telling me about GFB force boost controller and Turbosmart E boost options. this is probably what other Diesel shops are using to control boost.

Thanks N8B

Yeah so i looked into the GFB boost controller and it will work on Diesel engines with Manuel transmissions but will not work on Automatic transmissions.... have been reading a lot of people who had this GFB boost controller on Auto trans and when coming off boost from 100% to 0% throttle position they all get a hard stutter in the gearbox because the gearbox is still locked up in the Torque converter.

so i have another Idea.....i was thinking of converting the electronic plug that goes to the VGT electronic actuator and add resistors to drop down the voltage exactly down from lets say if the current factory VGT wireing plug puts out a max voltage of 12.8 volts down to 5.0 volts to accept a Electronic boost control solenoid....that way i dont have to tune the gearbox to addapot to the boost off ramp coming out of Wide open throttle.

also this will be perfect for tunning boost tables to have full control of boost at any given area of engine RPM and Map sensor tables.

This would be a similar idea to how people convert a cars MAF sensor into a IAT sensor to use speed density

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