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05 EVO rs

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My Brother in law bought the car new. Only mods he did was 3 inch down pipe to a 3 inch srs exhaust with a 2.5 inch bottle neck where they meet, And a manual boost controller to turn it up to 25 pounds. with a aem wide band and a boost gauge on his pillar. Nice part of buying from Him when He decided He didn't want it any more. Was the the dealer ship, A mutual friend and My self were the only three people to have worked on it during the 4 years He owned it.

I bought it for a nice daily driver and have only been upgrading as things break. But first it needed maintenance. First things was re doing the clutch. Sadly it wasn't done properly when He had it done by the dealership which was partly His fault He supplied the parts. But He didn't upgrade the clutch line to compensate for the heavy duty pressure plate. Causing it to never completely disengage, Leading to premature failure. So I took it from a 4 puck with a heavy duty pressure plate. to a six puck with a AEM heavy duty. was going to install a light weight Fidanza fly wheel. But the one shipped gears were cut in the wrong causing the starter to seize during cranking. Limited time available i had to get the stock resurfaced and use it. went ahead and upgraded the inter cooler piping. and upgraded the bypass valve to a evo 9. and swapped out the wastegate actuator to a 22 psi unit to eliminate the mbc and vacuum lines. Lastly I replaced the stock radiator with a Mishimoto to keep it a little cooler.

2 years later Head gasket gave out and decided to use it as a excuse to do more than a little. While the head was off at the machine shop it had a 3 angle valve job, and new guides to match up the new BC valves, springs and retainers. with a set of BC 272 cams rolling on top. Went ahead and changed over to a full coil on plug set up when putting the motor back together. Decided to upgrade the inter cooler to a AMS unit with a 3.5 inch core anodized black. While the head was at the machine shop I upgrade the suspension to a set of Tein basic adjustable lowered 30 mm, swapped out the stock Differential mounts with a Buschur mustache bar and side supports. So happy to get rid of the clunk on those hard shifts. Wasn't planning on upgrading the injectors at the time but the new set up was pushing them, So i wound up replacing them with a set of FIC 850cc and a AEM fuel rail. And for preventative maintenance i threw in a AEM 320 lph fuel pump. I then realized that My wastegate actuator was sticking so i went back to the factory and re hooked up the stock ebc. which sadly lowered the boost to 11 psi but that was fine for the moment. It was nice getting 21 mpg for a little while. But it's time, I swapped the stock ebc for a Grimmspeed 3-port. WOW did that change how responsive She was. Now that she back running 22 psi I can hear theirs a boost leak i need to resolve. It's throwing the load off causing fuel cut to occur. But I all so need to install my Omni 4 bar map sensor. just haven't patched ECUflash or Evoscan for it yet. That'll be this weekend I'm off switching over to the Tephra v7 mod for some other refinements.

Just to put it in list form here are all the parts listed and a few i forgot

3 inch turbo back exhuast w' a magnaflow resonator added

Mishimoto radiator and low temp thermastat

AMS inter cooler 3.5 core anodized black

Bc 272 cams,valves, springs, and retainers

AEM high flow fuel rail

AEM 320 lph fuel pump

Sparktech COP non cdi

850cc FIC injectors

Grimmspeed 3 port EBC

Injen inter cooler hard pipe kit


AEM wideband

Prosport fuel pressure

Prosport electronic Boost guage

All tuning so far has been a combination of ECUflash and Evoscan

I'll Add some more pics later This is from when I first bought it.

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Very nice, is this still on the stock turbo?

Yes, I'm tempted to go Bigger sooner than later but I have another project I have to get running first. I'll be putting a post together about it some time this weekend

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