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10 sec 530hp 1JZ 77 1st Gen Celica

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Hi Guys

Im Mason Ryan from Perth WA, i own a RA23 celica aka "CORNFED" it runs a 1JZ-GTE conversion from a JZ30 soarer with a R154 Gearbox. It currently makes 530rwhp@30psi with a Gtx3076r gen 1 turbo with a steady diet of E85. Ive owned the car for around 8 years now and try to do the majority of the work myself.

CORNFED recently landed a Feature with the speedhunters blog when we attended Racewars 2019 Down in the SOuth west coast of WA in a town called ALbany where i reached a speed of 261kph over 800m. See the article here http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/05/cornfed-closing-in-on-270kmh-in-an-e85-fuelled-celica/

The car has been resto moded with a modern driveline, fuel system, engine management and brakes.


1JZ gte engine covnversion

GTX3076r turbo

R154 5 spd with os-giken twin plate clutch

Xt130 corona strut with hsd coilover sleeve kit

ms65 Crown Hubs moddified

Evo 9 4 pot Brembo with 336mm HSV rotor

Hilux G series Diff

Ke70 Rack n pinion steering upgrade with ke70 x member.

Retro fitted stock fuel tank to hold a walbro 525 fuel pump,

2200cc injectors (future proof)

Bpp fuel rail

Teflon braided lines through out.

That's a really nice build!!

I've just finished a JZX81 with stock 1JZ VVTi (except a set of BC valve springs) and we've hit 678bhp (on pump fuel with a 100 shot, 574bhp on boost alone) at the rear hubs so there's a lot more headroom in your stock block yet should you go further

Nice work Mason, that's a solid package and some very respectable times! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Lads, Its run a best of 10.83@135 with a 1.61 60ft with the manual before i was kicked out for no cage, chute ect on a 225 radial tyre, Ive since PB in an 1/8th mile run with a 6.83@109mph.

Chris i believe the next step for mine power wise would be a build bottom end to keep things safe but to be honest it really doesnt need more power. Its street registered and engineered for WA roads, i take my kids to school in it. A larger turbo like a gtx35 would also be an option i supose.

Im looking forward to continuing the build with interior upgrades, some new gauges and disk rear brakes.

We are currently building a RA28 celica as an event/racecar which should be something special, Aim is to have 800+ rwkw with a full built chassis.

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