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1967 Mercury Cougar LS3/LSA blower/small cam

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This has been an ongoing project for going on ten years now. I first built the car back in 2015. It was originally built with a 5.3L aluminum block LS, with a small cam, and a custom Holley HiRam intake with dual DBW throttle bodies on top.



A lot has been done since the original build, and if anyone is interested in reading more, here is a link:


About 2 months ago I started collecting parts for a LSA blower upgrade. The engine is a stock LS3 with a BTR Stage 2 LS3 cam, with good valve springs and pushrods, but it was otherwise stock, with the exception of the Holley Hi-Ram intake and the dual DBW throttle bodies on top.

I swapped out the cam for a Cam Motion PDS Stage 2 cam, which is pretty awesome for what I want to do with the car. Here is a short idle clip that I made right after swapping the cam:

After the cam swap, I started with the LSA blower installation. I got all of the parts from Dale at the Pro-Touring Store. I have known Dale for 20 years and he delivered all of the parts as a complete package. I used a stock LSA balancer, stock blower pulley and retained my Holley Hi-Mount alternator (I don't have a power steering pump). I also installed a flex fuel sensor so I can run e85 when it is available.

Here is a video of my first 10 second pass:

I also ended up running a 10.79 on a later pass, at just under 127mph. Both passes were on e60. The car race weight, with me driving, is 3625 pounds, so y'all can guess the power numbers. It makes 7-8 psi...

I drove 500 miles to LS Fest on drag radials, made passes all weekend, ran 10s, drove 500 miles home, and got over 20 mpg. Not too bad for this old girl...

I will post more details on the blower swap.


Fun! Thanks for sharing!

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