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1989 plymouth voyager woody turbo minivan

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hiya guys im steve i live in the us and my current project is a 1989 plymouth voyager turbo. its a woodwall minivan with a 2.5l sohc 4cyl that came with a rather small mitsu to4e13c turbocharger, it was a 2 year only option. originally it had no intercooler and stock it produced "150hp and 180ftlb of torque" in a 3200lb minivan. my first uprgades were an apexi front mount intercooler and a 2.5" turbo back. then to a 3" turbo back and a garrett t3 from a shelby daytona. then a walboro 255lph and 42pph injectors went in followed by a 340lph and 52pph injectors. the head is an original direct connection ported big valve unit with mopar dual valve springs. now i am in the middle of upgrading to a turbonetics 57 trim te04 t3t4 for higher boost and more efficiency. i am tuning it on a board i socketed myself using a moates ostrich and mptune as well as an aem fic6 so i can do all of my datalogs and do other corrections. i have aem x series wideband, aem egt,aem fuel pressure,aem tru electronic boost boost controller gauges to watch and all have 0-5v outputs i can log in aem log software. going to e85 once it gets warm here.