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I have owned my VR4 for 15 years now . Over this time I have built a forged engine. I stayed with the 2.0l capacity. All the supporting mod like improved fuel system , 3.5" stainless exhaust , Forced Performance FP3052 turbo , AMS sheet metal intake manifold .

Last year I decided to upgrade to a LINK G4+ pnp ecu but as I had just finished the HPA wiring harness course decided to make a custom harness from scratch with TXL wire and new fusing and relay box. I though while I was at it I would change the ignition system from a wasted spark system to a coil on plug direct fire system. I had to reconfigure the ecu to suit.

I did all the confirmation setup but decided to get a flex tune by a local performance shop .

The end result was a healthy 325awhp on 22psi on pump unleaded and 430awhp on 29psi on e85. I had a goal of 400hp so I decided to not push any harder for the moment as the driveline is mostly stock apart from heavy duty clutch.

My future plans are to fit my 2.3l stroker that I have stored with a better clutch and rebuilt gearbox .

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A few more recent pictures

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I have been checking out other peoples threads so I thought I would add some extra details

Engine - 4G63T ( VR4 6 Bolt )

- Wiseco 8.3:1 Pistons ( 20 thou over )

- Scat rods

- ARP headstuds , rod bolts and main studs

- Tunnel bored block

- ACL Race bearings

- Balance shaft removed

- Japanese oil filter housing with oil cooler lines

Head - 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves

- ported head

- BC 272 cams with BC springs and retainers

- Unorthodox cam gears

- 3g revised hydraulic lifters

Exhaust - Forced Performance Race turbo mainfold

- Forced Performance FP3052 ( Garrett GT3076 turbo with Forced Performance stainless rear housing )

- Tial MVR44 wastegate ( 14psi spring )

- Stainless 3'' dumpipe

- 3.5" stainless exhaust with single resonator

- Varex 3'' muffler with dual tips

Intake - AMS VSR intake manifold

- S90 70mm throttle body

- 2.5'' intercooler piping

- 250x600x75 intercooler

- Tial Q Bov

Driveline - Stock rebuilt gearbox

- Exedy HD clutch

- Hel Performance braided clutch line

Brakes - RDA slotted and dimpled rotors front and rear

- QFM pads

- Hel Performance braided lines

Electronics - Link G4+ ecu ( VR4link )

- Custom harness

- Link CAN Lambda 02

- Autometer 100 psi fuel pressure sensor

- 250 psi oil pressure sensor

- HP Stream 7 tablet ( dash mounted )

- Prosport Oil pressure , Water temp and Boost guage

- Contenetial flex sensor

- Optima D34 battery

Fuel - 2200cc Bosch injectors

- Turbosmart FPR1200 regulator

- Radium Engineering pressure damper

- Radium Engineering filter

- Aeroflow fuel rail

- Walbro 450 intake pump

- 8an feed line from tank to fuel rail

- 6an return from rail to tank

Body - Japanese RS front bar with projector fog light

- Japanese rear bar

- Japanese RS bonnet

- Japanese 88 rear tail lights

Audio - Pioneer DEX-99RS ( audio file headunit )

- Audison LRX1.400 amp ( monoblock )

- Audison LRX2.250 amp (2 channel )

- Hertz HDP5 amp ( 5 channel )

- Audion VOCE 3 way front splits

- Hertz EBX10 woofers x 2

- Aeropro 1.5 Farad capacitor

Wheels - Black Racing 3 piece ( 15 x 6.5 - 25P )

Suspension - G4 coilovers

- Whiteline front and rear sway bars

- Whiteline strut bar

I have always intended this car to be a street car with good power . I still have some things to finish like the AC working and some touch ups on the 30 year old paint.

Cool car, you have done plentg of tweaks.