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1993 MR2 turbo 3sgte

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I'll post some pics soon. It is built for about 550-650 hp. It still has the 3sgte block for now, but has a Camry crank and everything else needed to support that. I am going to de-tune it to 450 at the wheels, so I don't die.

If the motor goes in the future it may get a camry block with a 3sgte head.

Currently it has the old engine in it which has forged pistons and cams. I rewired it and it is functioning correctly and ready for the new motor to go in.

This is with no mods not long after purchase! :)

Beginning of all that horse power robbing stock equipment removal.

Turbo fitted. Exhaust manifold ported, polished and ceramic coated.

Time to cleanup (remove and rewire) some wiring!

Side feed to top feed 880cc/min injectors

Here is the current state running, but needs a better tune. And why I am here!

That's some amount of work, what turbo and ECU are you using?

Precision turbo 55/58 with a .48 ar.

Hydra Nemesis ecu(bought it on tuners suggestion)

I rebuilt everything on the car accept the steering rack. I was basically looking for a commuter shell to build.

Still looking for TRD sway bars or close to equivilant. They are pretty much unicorns.

Should have more pics coming. Stroker motor will be back the end of the week. Time to swap it all.

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