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1994 Ford F-150 4x4 521cu

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The goal for this project is to have a truck I can drive on the street and race on the dragstrip.

I will give a little discription of the truck how I bought it. The truck is a 1994, F150, XLT, single cab, shortbed, 4x4, 351 and automatic. I originally bought the truck just for the body because it’s in great shape. Beyond the physical appearance the truck is worn out having 440,000 miles. The original owner died in the truck and his family kept it in a barn since 1997.

First thing I did was wash the truck real good. Pulled the engine, transmission, transfer case and started fitting the 385 Series Ford, C6 transmission and Billet aluminum gearbox.

Picture of the truck, gear box and engine on the dyno.

Attached Files

Dyno sheet for the engine.

The carburetor was taken straight out of the box, set timing and heat cycled. Just to make sure everything was getting along.

(Yes, it has been idle in the shop for a while. I was hit by a truck, had my back broke, lost my job, now back on my feet and working all the time! Dr's aren't real positive about my back so thats why I want to learn how to tune. I'm just going to build this truck since I have so much invested all ready.)

PS. The note "Pull 41" does not mean the engine was pulled 41 times. He just built this dyno room and wanted to keep track of all the pulls the dyno cell has seen.

Attached Files

Carburetor part numbers and some pictures I took the first time it sat between the frame rails. Also a picture of a set of valve covers I had made.

Attached Files

I do love a nice set of fabricated valve covers, very clean. Pretty different to the projects we have over here in New Zealand, I really look forward to seeing more of it!

The State I live in doesn't have emissions or vehicle inspections currently. As long as the car has all the working signals, lights and not stupid loud it's road legal. I plan to race some local "No Prep" 1/8 mile drag races thus the 4x4! Also just a weekend Saturday night cruiser.

Very nice project, keep up the build thread

It’s going to be slow. I work atleast 14hr days mostly 6 days a week sometimes 7.

I believe I am going to use the

AEM 30-7108 Infinity

30-3809 wiring harness

30-3805-21 Ignition coil wire harness

30-5500 CD-7 digital dash

MSD Cam Sync 85211

Thats the rough idea but at least I decided on a manufacturer.

I want to use COP because the engine compartment will see a lot of mud and water. I'm still not sure on what setup would be best to use for this type of environment.

I also need to decide what type of throttle body to use. I will send my intake off to have injector bung and fuel rail made for it since it has been ported and matched for these cylinder heads. The only draw back to this intake is that it is a 4500 style and it might cause me to have to run in a higher race class.

If we have any members here that are in the States that sell AEM and wiling to work with me please let me know. Right now I'm going to purchase the parts from Summit Racing because I don't have anyone local. So please chime in if you want!

Anyone else have any ideas, please don't hesitate and speak up!

How goes the build? It looks like one awesome project and it's not LS swapped.. lol (I bleed blue).

Well,,,,, I have been mud racing the 1984 f150. If I run the BBF it would put me in an “open” class. I would have to run against tube chassis trucks with power adders.

So I have decided to stay with the Ford 300 I6. The race season just ended and I’m getting ready to pull the engine to make it a little more competitive. My biggest issue is water and mud staying out of places.

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