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1995 JDM STI Type RA DriveTrain in a 1999 US 2.5RS Chassis

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OK, so I'm continuing a build that someone else started, all is pretty well with the car and it pulls hard, but I'm looking to see if any of you are old Subaru Guru's because I have some intricate questions that so far I haven't found good information or answers for, and I guess being in the U.S. doesn't help me much, however I'm willing to learn all I can even if importing parts is my only option, but maybe I just haven't stumbled across the right source yet and some of you may be able to point me in the right directions.

My main goal is to maybe do some local autocross events and just have a nice tarmac replica of like the old Possum Borne tarmac rally cars, I know I cant afford to build to that standard, but Im looking to get as close as my budgets can get me, LOL

1st - I'm wondering about tuning possibilities and any old group N sources for controllers or what not. I know this engine (closed deck EJ20G Forged) was pretty well the exact same used by the rally group N cars and has for instance an unused 5th injector which I'm guessing was used for anti-lag possibly I honestly don't know but I would like to get full potential out of the engine if there is in fact more on the table, which there seems to be having the unused injector and whatnot.

2nd - My rear differential has recently started making some noises on deceleration and especially coasting to a stop after putting into neutral, its an R160 3.90 ratio with what I was told was a VLSD and others have told me its a plated LSD .... I broke a drivers side axle not too long ago and had to machine .250 (1/4") off of each of the replacement axles I had so obviously they aren't right but I was told they where so I am lacking the knowledge and not finding it searching forums of what exactly I need or what I can even have available to get.

3rd - Thanks for taking time to check this out with me and sharing your knowledge !!

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cool car, good luck with the build

I has always want a two doors GC8 chassis but we didnt get it here... with you in the US you will have access to any part that you can imagine (almost), in your first point, what do you mean you dont know what rute to use in the ecu department?

I don't know what it takes to be able to tune it, its a 1995 ECU so its not OBD II and I cant use like HP Tuners or anything so I don't really know what options there even are, especially wanting to stay with a tarmac rally type build ?

I picked up a Link G4+ plug n play ecu for my ej20g swapped coupe. I've been getting most of my parts for it through Roger Clark Motorsport in the UK.

Good info, thanks Ryan

Hey Steve

i have the opposite or your options my car is a 95 with a 2000 JDM's v5/6 sti now according to my knowledge you have a v3/4 and it should be open deck not closed also get a Link g4+ pnp and tune it that's what i did although power FC makes pnp ecu like Cobb now but the are considered obsolete

also parts wise man it's every where lmk what part you need also remember that subaru's are like lego's you can swap parts from other subies mine has a usdm 04 suspension and clutch/brake pedals 06 sti clutch master cylinder and so on

Hey Rami, thanks for the info, I have sorted out the rear differential noise and still kicking around some tuning options, one thing I need to resolve is getting some new sensors, I have codes 45, 24, 23 and really just wondering where I can find a good source to buy all new sensors before I begin to tune or modify much more.

Hi Steve

about the sensors i had some sensor fails too you can get them through the dealer if you know someone can hook you up with price or online from some dealers some subaru dealers online price is way cheaper than if you walk into them try that also and they are my second option is parts store like advance or autozone the only benefit is they are lifetime warranty so if the sensor gone bad take it to them

what sensors are you looking for I might have them here in my spare parts box I don't know if there is a way you can send me a picture of them too

most sensors are available locally from another subaru model

Yeah being a turbo I wasnt sure what US vehicle would have the same sensors in 1995 ? MAF sensor, TPS, IAC, Pressure Solenoid are the main concerns

every sensor you have has a number on it put it on google and it will show you the equivalent, i Need some pictures to be able to compare with what i have

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