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1997 AWD DSM Rewire and restoration

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Hello everyone!

This is round two for my old 1997 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I've owned the car since 2003 and bought it at my dad's workplace (an auction) for $1,800 US. I tore down the car and spent two years making it what I wanted. I fell in love with the car and it was a perfect street/weekend warrior car for me for years and years. After several revisions, in 2012 I decided to try to make a new wiring harness. I have had gremlins ever since. Mostly anytime I race and use no lift to shift the car will have a slight hesitation before picking up again. More annoying then anything as it never progressed beyond that. In fall 2018 I shredded 4th gear and I figured while I had it apart it's time for a entire front end restoration. I was going to buy a $2,000 milspec harness but being true to the DIY myself that I am I took this course instead to do this right in round 2. So currently I am rebuilding the trans, wiring harness, and respraying the engine bay battleship grey. Not to mention rebuilding the steering rack and replumbing just about everything.

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That's a nice looking Talon! I've stripped my fair share of 4th gears in the DSM boxes so I feel your pain :(

Keep up the good work.

well old harness is removed. Time to start the long game and do my circuit design.

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I think it's going to be really satisfying for you though once you're on the other side and can compare round 2 to round 1 =)

That's awesome! I have a '90 Laser RS Turbo, a '90 Eclipse GSX, and a recently acquired '92 Galant VR4. I've owned another GSX in the past but not a 2g yet. I'm considering making my own harness but I may buy the Ohm Racing harness, it's cool to see somebody else making their own DSM harness though!

Thanks! So far it's going really well and I'm now routing the rope and mounting all the components that are part of the cabin. I have the mounting plate for all the relays/fuses behind the dash roughed out and will need to disassemble and paint at sometime. I've already gone through 100 zip ties mounting and dismounting..

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