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Hiya guys im building a 1.5jz mk4 supra (1jzgte-non vvti/2jzge non vvti) and i want to know the best way to go when it comes to wiring, tuning and overall street ability of my car. My engine is basically complete (all stock) and sitting on an engine hoist waiting to go back in the car. Now i have my factory 2jzge mk4 supra harness and i also have a 1jzgte soarer harness that i was wondering if i could combine them to work with all the senors and plugs. For example take out all the distributor wiring and put my crank angle, cam angle sensor, coil pack wiring and pin that stuff into my 2jz ecu plug then get an supra to ecumaster emu black adapter. Am i thinking of doing this the right way or is there an easier way of making this conversion work?

My engine has a borgwarner s366 .82 twin scroll

Two 38mm tail gates

R154 Gearbox

Yet to Buy a fuel system will look into suggestions, yaris Smart coils and want the engine to be able to run flex fuel aiming for 300-350kw Atw

Sounds like its going to be one hell of a build!

For your wiring, I think your best option is going to be to building your harness from scratch, as the EMU Black will have some with a connector body and unterminated pins? Hopefully your original harnesses are in good condition, and you'd be able to re-use most of the connector bodies, with new pins for the new wiring?

Also, pics please :-). I love me a MkIV Supra.

Its getting there just wiring and fuel to go now!

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