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2002 FD RX7

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I bought this car off a mate in late 2014. Although the majority of the work had already been done to the car, I have made some minor changes along the way.

I won't list all the mods, but just the stuff relevant to the EFI tuning side of things:

13b Turbo Mild Port

Apexi Power FC

Garrett T04Z

Tial 44mm wastegate

SMB 3.5" Exhaust

HKS V-Mount Intercooler kit

Greddy Profec B spec II Boost Controller


Stock 550cc Primary Injectors

2200cc Bosch Secondary Injectors

SARD 265lph Fuel Pump

FEED Intank Collector Tank

Turbosmart FPR-1200 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Car previously made 340hp @ 15psi on a different injector combination (850/850). Since upgrading the injectors and rail I haven't had much tuning time available. I have only been able to tune the AFRs to a safe level.

I'm currently using FC Edit to tune the ancient Power FC. Unfortunately it isn't the most user friendly as I have found, but it seems to get good results if you know what you're doing. The more webinars I watch the more I realise how basic the Power FC really is! Hoping to upgrade to a Haltech or Link in the near future.

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No engine shots?

The Power FC is still a very capable ECU but as you say it is basic. What sort of AFR's are you targeting?

Ah yes, engine bay shot. Probably the most important one isn't it?

When I bought the car a few years ago, it was quite a mess. My mate who I bought it off had really let it go. Broken bits, rust, and generally dirty everywhere with thanks to an exhaust leak off the turbo. I've slowly been bringing it back to it's former glory but I've got a long way to go yet.

Tuning my AFRs to high 10's. You would've seen my other thread regarding different AFR readings I am getting on the dyno which has left me scratching my head. I want to make sure it is right before I tune it further.

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Did you ever get to the bottom of your issue with the widebands? Leaking exhaust fixed?

I've just had an MX5 on my dyno which had an AEM which read substantially richer than my dyno at every turn, broke out my LM2 to double check the dyno figures and it confirmed it. The reason I use the Innovate LM2 is because my dyno runs a Zeitronix system and it's better to use different brands to see which has the majority. Looking back at your other thread you're using 2 different AEM units and the dyno is using the same brand on their 2 sensors as well, this kind of leaves you at a rock and hard place as which do you believe? Is there anyone else local with a different brand of system who would be willing to lend it out for testing?

The two AEM units are reading identical, and the two Tech Edge units are both reading different from each other (and different from the AEM). I hear mixed reports about the AEM units so I'm not too sure which to trust. If the AEM units are incorrect then at least they're consistent about it!

Leaking exhaust has been mostly fixed. I'm not a big fan of V-Band exhausts as they never seal properly. The reason the exhaust started leaking was because of worn engine mounts. The amount of movement produced by the engine was enough to bend the flange on the dump pipe and cause it to leak. I think the manifold has also got a slight leak in it now too. Time to start saving my pennies and fix it all up.

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