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2002 Subaru WRX EFR7670

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Hey everybody,

I learned all my fundamentals here on HP Aacademy and had a great mentor. Car completely assembled by me down to the engine assembly. This is my second time on the dyno tuning it myself. I did about 95% of the tuning on the street, then slightly upped the boost and dialed in the timing on the rollers. A little disappointed on the numbers, but it didn't react to more timing, it didn't like being leaner, and upping the boost didn't product any gain. Attached the dyno plot, datalog, and a video of the run.




Forged JE Pistons

Forged Eagle Rods

King Bearings

ARP Headstuds

Killer B Oil Pan, Baffle, Pick-up

IAG mounts


Full-Race Equal Length Header

Full-Race Twin Scroll Uppipe

Full-Race Downpipe

TurboXS Catback


Borgwarner EFR 7670 Twin-Scroll Turbocharger

Full-Race Intake

Turbosmart IWG

MAC 4 Port BCS

Perrin FMIC


Injector Dynamics 1300x

Radium Engineering Fuel Rails and FPR

Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump

Cobb Tuning Flex Fuel and Pressure sensors

Attached Files

What are the specs of the turbo? And what was the e% during this dyno session?

What is the AR?


As a layperson with Sub's, what charge cooler were you using, and the IATs?

Have you checked your camshafts' timings?

I included the datalog of the dyno run. ~55*f

perrin FMIC.

I could post up my cam advance table. But if I remember correctly it’s like 25-30* coming onto boost and tapering away after peak torque.

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