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2008 JDM Sti - ej207 + Kelford 282 + EFR7670 + Emtron KV8

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I have a 2008 JDM version Sti, that I have built over the last 4 years, run club events and plan to compete in the 2017-2018 season of NZ Superlap. Have a complete spec list here,

Main Features,

Ej207 version 7 built engine

Built and ported heads with 282 Kelford cams and oversize valves

EFR7670 turbo with external wastegate

Emtron KV8 with additional inputs added for Lambda and Oil Temp, run a single HV lambda controller.

Use a Windows Tablet to display the Emtron information live.

I use HP to learn about tuning and the way engines work to help me understand motorsport tuning in order to one day to completely tune the car myself and fine tune it based on logging data. Currently tuned at 485-500whp on 98 pump gas, want to learn more about flex fuel and move to E85 for some more power over the next year.

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Tidy car and nice data logging setup. Where abouts in NZ are you based?

Thanks! Based in New Plymouth