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2013 Suzuki Swift turbo conversion and tune

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Hey guys,

I recently completed turbo conversion an tune on a 2013 Suzuki Swift 1.6L.

If interested see attached PDF for details.



Attached Files

Hello Art,

Nice work. Im also about to boost my Swift 1.5 2007.

And i would like to know if you had to clamp the maf and if you had to use the o2 map on aem fic.

Right now im only using Fuel table and timing for NA.

Looking forward for your reply.

I have the previous model Sport as a 'shopping basket', also with the M16A based engine - what was the OEM compression ratio on that? Mine is 11:1 and specifies 98 RON fuel.

There are/were lower compression pistons available, might be a good starting point for the next build - rebore and full rebuild for more boost?

Yes the model you have has high compression ratio. mine is M15 with around 9.5 comp ratio.

I have piston for the same comp ratio but made for turbo. but i will start with the stock internal.

and maybe later i will rebuild the engine.

Did you have to clamp the maf? also did you had to use the 02 map on AEM FIC6?

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