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2JZ build following HPA courses

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Hey Guys,

Having my first attempt at rebuilding a 2JZ myself and will be following HPA's Fundamental and Practical Engine building courses. This 2J came out of my 95 MIKV which I will then have a go at tuning the AEM Infinity.

So far this is what I am working with.

Stock 2J block machined 0.5mm over with Stock crank polished

Wiseco 9.5:1 Asymmetric pistons with .200 wall wrist pins

BC HD rods with ARP 2000 bolts.

ACL bearings

Attached Files

Exciting stuff Rory, please keep us posted =D

So finally getting some more time to work on the engine. I measured my bearing clearances and this is what I found.

Again this is using ACL Race Std size bearings on a micro polished crank.

Mains ( in thousands of an inch)

#1 0.0021

#2 0.0018

#3 0.0018

#4 0.0015

#5 0.0016

#6 0.0017

#7 0.0017

#1 is a little on the lose side of factory specs - max is 0.0024, the rest are pretty good.

Big end (rod) bearings

#1 0.0023

#2 0.0025

#3 0.0025

#4 0.0023

#5 0.0024

#6 0.0021

These are a little looser than I'd like but only by 0.0002-0.0003. Max for std is 0.0031 so they are within factory spec.

Keep the updates coming

Hi- dont know if you have checked but on some popular engines 1 or 2 thou undersize shells are available - with this small difference you can mix and match bearing halfs to bring clearances closer to spec .

I'm doing a similar build but the motor is going in a s14. Good Luck mate! Cheers

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