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4AGZE Toyota Corolla/Conquest Rally Car

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Sean here... so we are about to rebuild a Toyota 4AGZE engine (the AE101) version we rescued from a yard. The engine will be built to stock specs as the car will compete in Grp N. Otherwise we are looking forward to get this build going and the engine started as it is so rare nowadays to see the 4AGZE competing with more modern engines.

A link ECU will control the engine, which will go into a Toyota tarmac rally car. We are not sure how to go about for the maps for the link, but any help will be much appreciated. We will be able to share the files in a couple of weeks to get some feedback and suggestions.

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I can't comment on the mapping, but have a careful look through the actual wording of the regulations for "Group N" - there are still some things you should, and should not, do to get the best results within the rules.

Regardless, it looks like a fun project :-)

We are keeping everything stock inside the engine and the supercharger and pulleys all need to remain stock - as per Grp N regulation. The regulations however do allow for an aftermarket ECU. Yes it will be a fun project since its a very rare engine.

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