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Hi guys,

I Have started building an EVO4. I would need valuable inputs from you all. I have certain queries and those are

1. How much HP can a EVO 4 stock engine hold reliably?

2. Is it worth rebuilding the evo4 engine or should i look into later model engines? If yes then which engine would be a direct fit to the EVO4 gearbox.

3. How much HP can a stock EVO4 gearbox, diffs etc can hold? My goal is to have a 550hp engine.

To build an engine for 550hp what's is the best route to go. Is there a complete engine package available for 550Hp or should i source Individual parts.

I am from India and its very difficult to import car parts. Please help me out with your vast experience.




1) Stock Evo 4 engine is not that strong (unless it's brand new) and can barely withstand 400 hp Mystang dyno or 450 Dynojet because of the connecting rods as they aren't too strong. Especially they do not like high boost at mid range RPM...

2) You can rebuild your current engine with aftermarket parts - it will be more reliable than installing used stock engine even from a later Evo model. Evo 9 stock engine is the strongest one but they are very rare now and way too expensive. Besides 550 hp would be still a challenge for a stock engine.

3) Stock Evo 4 transmission should be able to hold 550 hp when proper preventive maintenance is timely done but an aftermarket clutch should be purchased anyway.

To build 550 hp car you need a strong engine first of all. It has to be done with ARP bolts everywhere. Then you need good turbo capable of supplying enough air 55-60 lbs of air per minute. You need good fuel injectors and fuel pump, good FMIC. CR should be around 8.6-8.7. You might also want to use 93 mm crankshaft from MMC diesel engine to make it 2.2 liters.

hi georg1970,

Thanks for the valuable input.

I just bought the evo4 about a month back. It was a non runner since it was sitting idle for more than 7 years. But right now i have started it and it not running properly mainly cause of rat bite issues. so bought Ecumaster standalone and going up with fully new harness. I have few doubts.

1. what's the max boost the stock evo4 block can handle?

2. I am going to rebuild an engine and power goal is 550whp. I can source evo7 or evo8 engine from Malaysia and rebuild it. will it be a direct fit to the evo4 gear box?

3. can you enlighten what preventive maintenance to be done to the gear box to hold 550 hp?

4. For the 550whp goal, can you suggest what turbo, pistons, rods and mods to the head needs to be done. If you can suggest some brands that would be helpful.

5. and for the gear box to be stronger. whats are mods to be done?

Sorry for troubling with so many questions.



Hi, Sid.

1) 1.3.-1.4 Bar at mid RPM range and up to 1.5 at high RPM range.

2) all evo 4-9 have interchangeable short blocks with the same bolts pattern (evo 9 is a bit different for oil supply to mivec).

3) make sure the parts aren't worn off, no scratches, no cracks and, no excessive shaft play and so one.

4) I would go with Mamba GTX3071 or GTX3076 bolton turbo - it is very good quality and price. For engine parts I would use Manley pistons and rods with stock bearings. GSC springs, retainers and evo 7-8 camshafts would be a good choice (timing mark on exhaust camshaft rear end will have to be redone for 90 degrees as evo 4-6 and evo 7-9 are different in that regard). That is just basic package - there are other modes can be done depending on budget...

5) new stock parts would do the job - evo 4 is quite an old model and I don't think that used parts are strong enough to withstand the power... Replacing them with fresh ones will ensure more reliability bit I'm not sure if you are going to be able to find them these days...

hi georg1970,

thanks for the reply. It is a boon for me to have such an experienced person to guide me.

Thanks again. will keep posted


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