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88mm Methanol 13B FD RX7

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Ive owned my RX7 since 2008 or there abouts. It went to the circuit a few times, then sat in the shed for about 10 years before i revived it during covid to hit the drag strip instead. I am the sole fabricator, engine builder, tuner, wire dude and driver for the car. Which is good and bad, because when it has an issue i cant complain and point fingers at anyone except for myself! I have recently bitten the bullet and attempted to strip weight out of the car with removing the power windows, inner door skin, side window glass and will look to do the same to the rear hatch as well shortly. I race with small 28x9 tyres, and all the other like for like cars to compare it against with the same tyres are generally around 2100lbs. I tip the scales now around 2450lb, so have to make a good 250hp+ more than those guys to run the same et (which is super hard when you are limited by your tyre size)

So far it has made 767rwhp on a mainline hub dyno, and run 8.71 @ 161 mph with a 1.48 60ft on 35psi. It is still a relatively new build, and only done a handful of passes under power. We have been chasing a significant misfire issue of late when boost was pushed past 40, and are headed back to the dyno shortly with new ignition leads and a 16V battery change, as well as a few other odds and ends to hopefully find the cure. The car has also gone a 1.27 60 with plenty more left in it. Looking to get back out on track soon with whatever it takes in the intake manifold to run a 7 (i have no problems pushing the boost gauge into the 50's).

The car runs no intercooler, so will also be trialing turning the nitrous on during the run to see what horsepower effects come from it due to the ability to cool the intake charge (bottle already in the car for transbrake boost building, so no weight disadvantage to using it)

There is a multiple part build series on fullBOOST that starts here > https://youtu.be/S72jKqoeiGY?si=ds1Mh1OXreuG583j

And i run through some more of my trials and tribulations on my own youtube channel here > https://www.youtube.com/@BroomysGarage/

Im super open about my setup, tune ups, data etc, so feel free to message me and ask whatever you want. No workshops involved here, so no secrets :)

Specs :

1993 Mazda RX7

13B Semi PP 2 rotor (Billet front plate, Powerseal Apex seals)

Fueltech FT600, Spark Pro 4, EGT-8, Input expander

4x550lb fueltech injectors, 2x220lb deka

Mechanical fuel pump

Hardwire electronics PDM25

Raceworks DT/DTP/DTM Plugs & Sensors

88mm Garrett GTX47 turbo

Twin turbosmart 45mm wastegates

9" 35 spline 4 link rear end

Shockworks Coilovers

TH400 3 speed

SDE Torque Converter

3.5" Aluminium Tailshaft

Speedflow hose and Fittings

Penrite Oils & Fluids

Turbosmart FPR2000 regulator

South Coast Rotary Semi PP intake manifold

15x10 beadlock rear wheels, 28x9 Pro Bracket Radial tyre

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Cool car! I've not used that ignition unit so I'm not familiar and have used M&W myself, but if you're looking to resolve the misfiring and want to let us know what coils, plugs, gaps you're using we may be able to help.

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