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92 Mazda Miata

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My daily driver test car

Its been turbocharged on the stock motor, had the wastegate fall off recently so back to n\a

Sent the turbo out to get a manifold made for it, gt2260v

currently I'm playing with some widebands on each runner.

Here is a pic of some data of where I am having missfires and its a telling story from the picture

Is the AEM just the logger or are you using an AEM ECU too?

Smaller injectors to replace the id1000's for the time being

Out of a chevy cruze, around 315cc at 43.5psi

Chris250 its just a AEM AQ-1 datalogger, the ecu is FreeEMS\Jaguar unit www.freeems.org

That's a lot of sensor ports, egt in there too?

That's me just looked at the free ems, wow!!! I thought it was diy using megasquirt. I'd like to see updates on how you get on with it

Chris 8 npt bungs, 5 o2 sensor bungs.

6 npt for thermocouples

2 npt for pressure sensors

4 o2's in manifold

1 in downpipe

Getting close now, have you tested all your sensors?

The wideband sensors work fine.

Most of the other sensors are fine as well at this time.


Friends MSM with a heat destoryed coupler

Small inital data to look at, still need to reattach several of my sensors.

fit good!..... what is your WG exhaust setup?

Here you go, making the downpipe for the wastegate

Nitrous Pill for an air restrictor for the turbo

Oil change and filter

fav magazines

It's alive! Cool beans Tech!

Well it sorta let go, Had a compressor side failure. here is some pictures and you can see vids on my youtube link

basically the bolts that hold the compressor back plate backed out, looks like it was messed with before. I plan to get a chinese chra for time being.


I had a look at one of your videos, are you trying to run 14:1 on boost?

It looks like half a bar of boost you're hitting, personally I'd be adding a bit of fuel there.

I assume you mean this one?


yes I am near .5 bar at the end and actually the goal is stoichmetric in boost. so lambda 1.

Why are you aiming for stoichmetric in boost? this will lead to massive increases in cylinder temperatures and make the engine knock limited.

Andre explains the principles well in the last webinar, even if it is dealing with a rotary engine:


I don't need the extra fuel to accelerate up to speed. I don't demand it\want it.

I use TPS to control commanded fuel

Ouch! I'd not want to do that personally, but if you're keen to experiment on things like that then I'm interested to hear how you get on - are you monitoring EGT/knock?

I have thought about/played with the idea of using effectively cylinder fill for AFR targets as obviously throttle position can do interesting things to VE for a giving manifold pressure at times, but I really wouldn't personally be comfortable with doing what you are there - unless there is something I'm missing? Are you aiming for stoich at WOT?

Been working on the miata. I have to say its a huge change to how she was before. Feels faster at the same wastegate boost pressure compared to the old setup. Comes on quicker and makes more low end power holding though the rev band

While still not done, thanks to RCP, HellaFab, Justin Kinsey, Baldur Gíslason, Sjmarcy and all the others that I have likely forgot that have helped. Right now it needs reliablity related stuff like new IC piping and exhaust so it quiet.

Difference in nuts

The new nuts installed

start of the WG position sensor setup

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