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A wiring success story

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These are some old pictures that I just re-discovered and felt like sharing.

Here's the first pic. This is my "Before HPAcademy" harness. Built it completely on my own, I felt I understood wiring very well. But I didn't really know any proper techniques. I hadn't even heard of concentric twisting back when I made this harness.

It did work 100%. But... well... just look at it... It's a disaster

It was supposed to be a thing of beauty. But that's not how it turned out.

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I'll skip past the "in progress" pics, and jump straight to the end. This is the "After HPAcademy" pic.

This is the new harness from scratch for the same car. And to be clear: no functionality has been removed. It powers all the same devices and runs all the same sensors and everything. But following all the right practices and techniques, it's just so much better.

This was my first "milspec" style harness, and it turned out great. But I learned a lot from doing it, and there's things that I would do differently next time. And in fact I HAVE re-done it since then. I have a complete v3 harness in the car now that is even better. And I learned a lot from the v3 build and am already planning my v4. But I'm not starting the v4 until after I finish my new engine build ;)

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These are a couple of my "in progress" pics for my v3 harness.

It's cleaner, simpler, cheaper (except for the optional AS connectors) and more compact than the v2 harness.

Unfortunately, it looks like I never took a finished pic of this harness before installing it in the car.

In about a year or so, I'll have a full set of Instagram-worthy in-progress and completed shots of my v4.

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Thanks for sharing! It's safe to say there's a significant improvement hahaha

What do you think helped you the most in your HPA adventure? For me it was the importance of accurate planning.

Really well done. Looks great.


For what helped the most, I think just knowing what the end result should look like, along with the right steps to get to that point. So, basically the whole entire process helped the most! But if I had to pick one step, yeah, just planning made the biggest difference.

Definitely actually, the thing I did the most wrong with my first harness, I just assembled it in the car, and just added wires piecemeal until it was done. So of course it ended up as a total mess, because there was no pre-planning at all.

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