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Audi Coupe quattro 20vt

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So here is a bit of info on my long standing project car, a 1990 Audi Coupe quattro. I've had it for around 8 years and a lot of work has taken place, there is not much standard left on the car now! Most of the mods have been leading up to going for considerably more power. I try to do everything myself, including wiring, fabrication etc and I want to map it myself too, which is why I'm here :)

some highlights are RS4 gearbox, RS4 & Porsche brakes, Torsen rear LSD, poly & solid bushes, spherical bearings etc, 595-RSR tyres etc etc etc etc.

Some pics:

I'm currently fitting a much larger intercooler, shorter intake track and 19 row Mocal oil cooler. The car will be coming off the road later this year to fit a bigger turbo, WMI and do a big of work on the head. I'll be happy with 450+ hp & 450lbft. Should get close to 500!

In terms of management I will be running a MaxxECU from Sweden.

That's a very clean build! what power is it running just now?

Cheers Chris.

Around 290hp / 320lbft currently on a standard S2 (20 year old!) K24 7000, running 1.4bar peak boost. It's good fun in a 1350Kg car but not really fast by modern standards.

Turbo I have to go on is a 3071/KKK hybrid, .82 hotside. I also specced a billet comp wheel hoping to improve response and increase flow a little.

That looks real neat in there!

Interesting radiator placement...is that like that from the factory?

Yeah rad is factory fit on the side there, cooling isn't currently a problem with my baby turbo even on summer trackdays with the AC condenser in-front.

I will need to upgrade the cooling when I fit the 3071 though - I'm going for a 3 pronged attack - thicker cored rad, machining some cooling channels into the deck and also run WMI. :)

I finally got around to fitting some parts I've had kicking about for some time.

The intake manifold is reversed to take about 2m of length out the intake track, and also to fit a much larger intercooler, both from Wagner Tuning in Germany - these guys make some really nice OEM quality products for euro motors. As is always the case there is always loads of other bits of fabrication and mods required to make everything work properly and fit neatly.

A few pics:

Reverse intake trial fit:

Much larger intercooler. As with all of these kind of mods, some fabrication required!

Fabricated some brackets to mount a 19 row Mocal oil cooler behind the grill

Made a new longer throttle cable

Needed to relocate the IAT and the injector harness was looking a bit crusty after 20 odd years so I cut it out and remade in Raychem:

I also got some bigger brakes in the pipeline - MK1 911 GT3 4 pots and Audi RS4 rears both with 2 piece rotors, also going to try and us an RS6 tandem booster and larger master cylinder.... TBC

All done....for now

Got a few track sessions booked over the next few months then car will be coming off the road in winter to fit the turbo, Maxx ECU and then map it - can't wait!

I've had a few months of fun with the car, its done quite a lot of track miles 100% reliable and the last track day of the year was on Monday on the GP circuit at Silverstone. I thought I would share a couple of nice pictures here which my friend took.

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