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Australian Built Supercar -Ultra Roadster

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Hey guys this is my project. It is based on the ultra race car chassis and body, however we are engineering it to comply with all Australian Design Rules and be full street registerable.


LS 3

HGT sequential six speed gearbox

Emtron KV8 with all traction/ launch/ rolling launch control (dash mounted 9 position switches)

Silvia front suspension (upper A arm conversion)

Silvia/Skyline Rear (R200 diff)

Wilwood Brakes

Velo Seats

MCA custom built coilovers

GK tech adjustable arms

Motec Dash

Motec PDM

Milspec wiring

Removable top half of CAMS approved cage

Attached Files

Sorry folks how do I post pictures without them being attachments?

Hi HallNArse,

Welcome to HPA, that looks like it would be fun!!!

I'm not sure about posting pictures direct on this forum but you can host them elsewhere and post them that way.

Sorry for the lack of updates been crazy busy. Passed torsional tests for road registration no problems. Chris Paton from 12 volt performance has been awesome on this project. Not far off giving it it's first start and tune...[url=https://www.facebook.com/1713648988883579/photos/pcb.2040617852853356/2040618099519998/?type=3&theater]https://www.facebook.com/1713648988883579/photos/pcb.2040617852853356/2040618099519998/?type=3&theater

Designed a steering wheel and got Brett form Hybrid Race Simulators to put it all together. So happy with the result!


Wiring is pretty much finished. Along with the logic so all the pdm alarms (AND emtron ECU fuel, temp, oil pressure cuts) are displayed onto the dash!


Oh wow, that's epic! You had me sold at 900kg and an LS3 :-).

Your wiring looks first class, are you doing it yourself?

For posting pictures, I upload them as attachments, then post the post. I then open all the attachments, edit my post, and insert the URL of the pictures between {IMG} and {/IMG} tags (replace {} with []). Smoothing this process out is on our list of future aims.

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