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AWD 4 Rotor Twin Turbo RX7-FD

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Well just like the title says.. 1993 Mazda Rx7-FD with a Billet Pro plated 4 rotor. Twin Garrett G42-1200 turbos, front differential and transaxle from a Gallardo. Corvette C7 suspension at all 4 corners. Custom rear subframe for suspension and transaxle. Firewall forward is tubular. Haltech Elite 2500 with a REM, AEM CD7 dash, DSC sport Adaptive suspension controller, Chassis harness is a combination of custom and OEM. OEM parts left to run window motors and lights etc.

Car was built to run in the Ultimate Street Car Challenge, Roll racing, Standing 1/2 and Mile. Also to be able to street drive to local events. Debut the car at SEMA 2019 in Toyo TreadPass and was just lucky enough to be selected in the top 10 imports for Battle of the Builders. Ahh if only it ran at SEMA.

Its polarizing for sure as some just think the front end is to far out there. I have about 6000 man hours in a 14 month period to get it where it is. It is truly a monster and has come back to bite my relatively good streak of building cars in the butt.

Few pictures out there on my Instagram page probably the best place to go if your interested in seeing more of the Build.

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what is your instagram?

impressive on so many levels

Very impressive looking car. Well done!


Let me know if you have questions. :)

RX3 front end? It certainly looks 'different', but not 'wrong', if you get what I mean. What red is it - looks brilliant!

What I would be concerned about, and I assume you have it in hand, is ensuring there is at least some downforce as, IIRC, the '3 had lift at speed and you're going to be going a shed load faster!

I've been following Mr Dahm for what seems like years, and it's cool you have a different approach - I think you both may have the Pikes Peak mile in mind, if so, would be sweet having them both there. There's also the chap with a RWD 4 rotor, so all together...


Yes this front end is Re-pop parts from AU. Car is all steel so its a bit heavier than a fiberglass covered racecar. It is the factory RX7-FD red that the car came from the factory with. Shell had been smashed by a large tree and was in bad shape. It had LOTS AND LOTS of filler in the left fender, top, and right rear quarter. Pretty sure it had a total loss title at some point. Id say the shell was almost non recoverable to a stock looking FD without some serious effort and sheetmetal.

Its a bit nose heavy being biased at 60/40 to the front. But there are plans for some track aero in a splitter and canards for the nose.

Mr Dahm.. We kind of have a like hate relationship. He hates me as he had to spend an AWFUL lot of money to get his in "running" order for SEMA2019 to beat me to the punch. From what I can tell his car will be sidelined for the better part of this year at a body shop getting the exterior fitted. I had alot of interaction with him remotely for a while leading up to and after SEMA. We shared some bits back and forth durring the build but now we are in very different spots. Im just a car builder, he is a YouTuber thus has to generate more content.. Im just looking for the next build.. Dahm stopped buy to see and hear the car in person on his road trip back from Florida with his C8.

So much work in this, impressive build

The FD purist in my hates the front end (but I understand it), the rotary lover in my is glad to see another shell saved (and still rotary powered) and the engineer in me loves the attention to detail and fab work. So all in all you're in the 'badass' zone in my book.

Slides, Thank you!


I understand front end isnt for everyone. There is alot to pack in there and i just needed more real-estate. The 4 rotor is the muscle engine in the Mazda fleet and what better way to project that than with the RX3. Mazda purposefully modeled it after the american muscle cars of the era. It was a tie in element as lots of mechanical parts come from modern muscle cars.

I to love the lines of the FD. I tried to honor what i thought were my favorites. The fender scoops and scalped doors, the layed back windshield, the iconic teardrop door shape. and the tail end. I have been told by many i ruined a classic, unfortunately the body man that used a dent puller, sledge hammer, and 10 gallons of filler did that long before i got the shell. When stripping the shell i pulled 2" thick sections of filler out of the top of the car around the windshield frame and rear quarter panel. But at least its alive again and for what its worth the car COULD be returned to a factory front end.

I saw the video on this from when the Vargas brothers of Angel Motorsport paid you a visit (presuming this is that car!). What an incredible build, I was just about speechless trying to take in all the details.

I love the RX3 frontend, but being from the Nissan world I long ago came to terms with frontend conversions. At the level of build you have, the frontend not being factory is a bit of a moot point!


Sure is the same car. I have a few videos posted of my own. They are all photo videos but show some really good detail on the build. Unfortunately with the compressed timeline I spent more time building the car than i did photographing or video taping. I will try and get a little better with video going forward. I'm not one to get on camera so most of it will just be car content.


Been checking out the Instagram stuff, very cool! I am also a big fan of Rob Dahm but I do have to chuckle at the idea of him panicking and pulling all nighters to slam his car together in time haha.

Following you on IG now. :-)


I try not to do a bunch of chest thumping when it comes to conversations about Rob. Very different builds as well as very different end goals. One component I'm proud of is I did this without the help of any large sponsorships. SEMA builds have a lot of stigma about the unfulfilled promises to manufactures and vendors. I don't ever want to get caught up in something like that. I was so mortified to take a non running car to SEMA, it was a big personal let down.

Engine is running now, that's a major step forward. But with any custom build there are always steps back. Im using a modified C5 Corvette torque tube to get power from the engine back to the transaxle. The shaft was only built to handle 1000hp and 7500RPM, part of the SEMA crunch. Under idle there is a slight vibration and under load there is shaft flex. Right now the driveline is out and having RPM build a Carbon Fiber torque tube that will handle 2000hp and 11000RPM.

It also is giving me time to work thru some other issues. I was using a Davies Craig brushless water pump for the intercooler pump. However there is just enough back pressure in the system that the pump just doesn't operate well. After burning up 3 pumps Im moving to the Pierburg CWA200. Im already running a CWA400 for the engine and LOVE IT. I use a PWM output from the Haltech so no need for an external controller.

Considering how many 'pigs with lipstick' have been on show at SEMA, I have a LOT more respect for someone with an unfinished car being done properly, than the 'glamour' names with cars that are a pile of badly done flash-crap!

You obviously take pride in your work, good to see. :-)

I can only imagine the amount of issues that surround builds as extreme as this, but it will be good to see how you resolve them!

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