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Hello all, little late to post this, but had a great day, and figured id share.

Finally got a Barra here in Florida, its just a BA 182 so nothing fancy yet. It will be fitted into a 1989 MK3 supra, fabbed up and wired to run, so I can purchase a BF or FG motor down the road sometime, and swap them a bit more easily.

This is reposted from the XR6 forum but should still be fun, and ill keep them both updated.

So today was a great day. Had some customers fall through, so had a bit of time today.

Swapping the front sump girdle for a rear sump version.

Re-torquing the main bolts.

New rear main seal while im in there.

And new rear mounted pick-up.

Oil pan installed, and cross bolts with thread sealant.

And finally!!!! The two together.

ARP calls for 125ft. lbs, for the random bolts I had to order. Done and done. *Note to self, head bolts are not easily accessed with cams installed already, so small learning curve.

Cams reinstalled. (Again)

And started getting some timing ready to do, but enough for today.

Great work! How much effort is it to fit into the Supra? Can you use the standard gearbox with an adaptor plate or planning to change the box also? We love the Fords at our shop. My head mechanic has an FG G6E with mild mods, full exhaust(varex valves fitted in the rear mufflers), intercooler kit, 1000cc injectors, bit of extra boost, mild tune and wowwweee she boogies already!

Any reason why you didn't go for the turbo motor to start with?

Can't wait to see the progress. One of the workshops down the road just fitted a barra turbo into a Mazda RX8!

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Honestly, just the availability. And wont feel too bad about blowing up just a BA. ;)

Haha, well good luck! Keep us updated with the progress

Finally getting too tearing into the car itself!!

So the holiday weekend left me with lots of time to get some more prep work done. Surprised how much weight I was able to get out of it. But hopefully ill be in the 2800lb range once im done installing everything else. (cage and a BA barra)

Wiki curb weights the car between 3200-3600lbs if it has a targa top, which mine does. But this is just motor, trans, front end tid bits removed.

Sound deadener being removed.

This is more like it. Now to keep it low.


A little more chassis prep, before starting on the cage. Slow and steady.

Finally started. Trying to retain the use of the Targa top.


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