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Camshaft sensor fluctuation 1.8T EMU BLACK

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So I have been trying to tune my car, it's a 1.8T with the AWP engine code. I am having an issue with the primary trigger/cam sny trigger tooth when the engine is running the CAM SNY trigger tooth gives a reading of 82-86 roughly, it fluctuates between those two never staying one number. The ECU I have is the EMU black PNP for the BAM engine code. Now when I contacted ECUmasterusa before buying they said that it should not cause any issue that I have a different engine code than what the ECU is made for. Now I when back and forth with them for a while and got nowhere but they find a log from the same ECU but it had the BAM engine code now logs on that showed when the engine is running the cam sny trigger tooth showed 88 and not moving.

Now, this could be because the ECU does not work with the AWP engine code but I was thinking before I try to return the ECU that maybe because the different engine codes that the sensor are not set up the same or are not the same sensor. I am going to link the log that I took last.

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Hi Corey, this question is probably best sent direct to ECU Master in Poland - tech@ecumaster.com. The US are a large distributor of the product but I've found that for any in depth technical queries it's best to contact Poland instead. You haven't posted the actual calibration file so it's hard to be too specific but there's errors in the log file to do with unexpected missing teeth being detected. It may be that your arming levels need a little work for the ref and sync inputs. This should be relatively easy to work through and there should be no reason your ECU would be incompatible with the engine you've got. Sorry i can't offer more help.

Hey, sorry it took so long to get back but I will contact them and see what they say. I am also going to link the base map. To find it under ignition> Triggers> Primary trigger. There you should see the Configuration for it.

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