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Camshaft sprocket nut

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Did anyone experience any damage when removing the camshaft sprocket nut with an impact wrench ?

What are your thoughts??

hello, It is not good practice, but i have done it without an issue when I'm in a hurry

Regards Ross

Only reason I am asking this as I am currently undergoing a timing job with all the seals being replaced on a Chevrolet Kalos engine code B12S1.

Unfortunately there are not any timing locking tools available on the market for this engine type.

I do have a sprocket holder but I am hesitant it will not hold the counterforce

Are there a couple of flats on the camshaft you can use with a spanner to hold the camshaft while undoing, and retorquing, the retaining bolt?

On that last, the bolts are commonly TTY on modern engines, don't know about that engine but they may require replacement with new ones.

Unfortunately no.

This is a SOHC engine with rocker arm camshaft style

However sprocket gear is keyed with camshaft.

What do you think of this tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDBo8deowU

Seems to work OK in the video, haven't used one. Might have the wrong engine, but is there a hole drilled/cast in the camshaft between the front journal and the first cam lobe? If so, I believe that would be for a stout screwdriver or bar to hold the shaft?

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