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Clio 182 hillclimb car

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I’ve got various places I update build threads or progress threads. If you want the latest I do have a Facebook page “DRS Motorsport” where me and my brother Robert update everything car related.

my main reason for joining racecraft was to get the suspension knowledge I needed to get my setup perfect. I started racing competitively in 2019 in a standard road car clio 182, competing in the Scottish sprint and hillclimb championship. Starting with Stock suspension brakes etc. Just different wheels and tyres. The class I always I had in mind was to stay in the “road production class”. It allows a lot of modification but you have to retain the original block head and gearbox. As well as a full interior (less carpets). So you get everything from a stock hot hatch to a car that has been developed to run throttle bodies, cams, high comp, dog box etc etc. Quite unusual for some but I like that there is scope to develop the car and stay in the same class.

I learned a lot in my first few events. Started developing my own car but about July last year decided it would make more sense just to sell and buy another car with a lot of the fundamentals I was looking for.

I bought another clio 182 but this time it has a 210bhp engine with just 5k miles on it. ITBs. 197 cams, paddle clutch, Quaife ATB diff and a set of coilovers. I then added a better roll cage and done as much weight reduction as I legally could.

Unfortunately after just my second event in the new car I had quite a big accident at Doune Hillclimb in September last year. I can really relate to the crash the racecraft guys had the other week. It was totally my own fault. But I was also really lucky as the car wasn’t a total write off. A front end smash could easily have take out the £2k ITBs. But it hit right in the centre of a crash bar. Both chassis legs stayed straight I think saved by the fact that the engine alloy casting mounts cracked and knocked the whole power plate back towards the bulkhead as well as the subframe digging into the grass and slowing it down more gradually. Within 4 months

I had the car rebuild to a stage where it could be moved around and then last weekend I had my first test day. to be honest I set the car up before hand but I’ve never been happy with the front spring rates so I’ll be sorting that before the next event. Also the coilovers I think are 10 years old. So I’ve got a new set of Gaz Golds coming with 500lb springs. I’ll get the whole thing set up properly when fitting them and report back here if I have any trouble.

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